About Us

Imagine you are sitting in your favourite spot in nature. Perhaps in a thick, green eucalyptus forest, or at the edge of a gently flowing river. You are breathing in minty, woody or flowery aromas and feeling relaxed as life’s stresses melt away.

Life couldn’t get better than this. You wish you could feel calm and happy every day. Want to recreate a similar experience in the comfort of your home? Now you can.

Introducing Acacia Aromatherapy pure essential oils and range of sophisticated diffusers. Acacia Aromatherapy is an Australian boutique company offering pure, therapeutic grade essential oils sourced and bottled in Australia. We believe genuinely in your wellbeing, so we have made it our top priority – with 100%, natural essential oils traceable to their origin and extracted using the best process. Our essential oils are free from synthetic materials and harmful chemicals. Oils undergo extensive quality assurance tests in Australia so you only get the purest oils in your bottle.

Our stylish, uncomplicated diffusers are BPA-free and switch off automatically when water is running low. Oils are diffused using ultrasonic technology, not direct heat or flame, making it a safe choice for the whole family. Diffusers come in a range of styles, from modern to elegant - to suit your home and personal flair. Enhance your mood and general wellbeing using pure essential oils and aroma diffusers from Acacia Aromatherapy. Whether you want to relax, feel energised, or calm your mind or body, we have the perfect essential oil or blend for you. Diffusers work with the oils to deliver a superior aromatherapy experience – naturally and safely.

Bring the beautiful fragrances of the Australian bush into your home with Acacia Aromatherapy products.

100% Pure
Essential Oils

Australian Owned and

No Synthetics